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Do it for the love of barbecue. For the sweet smell of pulled pork smoking over charcoal and apple wood chunks. And salmon that’s caught in the lake and smoked on shore. For the first savoury bite that makes taking it low-and-slow worth every moment. The Smokey Mountain Cooker smokers are available in three sizes to accommodate any garden or venture.The first bite of tender, fall-off-the-bone meat makes taking it low-and-slow worth every moment.

Smoking Thermometer
Glass-reenforced Nylon Handles
Rust- resistant Aluminium Dampers
Double Rack, Plated Steel Grills
Porcelain-enamelled Lid, Bowl & Water Pan
Heavy Gauge Steel Fuel Grate
Fuel Door
Rust-resistant Legs


A Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker (water smoker) is a fantastic barbecue to use for smoking at low and slow temperatures (below 150°C). It maintains low consistent heat with ease. More than that, you can easily infuse your foods with incredible wood smoke simply by using several wood chunks.

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