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The Genesis II series of gas barbecues range in size from 3 to 4 burner models, with the option of upgraded features, and either a sleek open cart design or grill cabinet.
The Genesis II series features Weber’s GS4 high performance grilling system to ensure great results for grilling, roasting and baking.

All parts are backed by an outstanding 10 year warranty .Upgraded features and stainless steel components bring grilling versatility and a premium look to any backyard.

3 Burner Series

4 Burner Series

Porcelain-enamelled Lid
Porcelain-enamel Coated Cast Iron Grills
Tuck-away Warming Rack
Tool Hooks
Stainless Steel Flavourizer Bars
Grease Management System
iGrill 3 Compatible
Infinity Ignition

GENESIS II Gas Barbecue Series Warranty

All Parts: 10 Years (excluding normal wear and tear and subject to additional terms and conditions in the warranty)

* Valid for Weber® Genesis II series gas grills.


The GS4 system: There are 4 components of the GS4 System.

1. Infinity ignition.

2. Stainless Steel Burners

3. Flavourizer Bars

4. Grease Management System


Grill Without the Issues of Fat Fires and Inconsistent Heat

With the depth of the Genesis II Series, Weber has designed Tapered Stainless Steel Burner tubes, as a typical rounded burner tube would not be as efficient and effective in distributing heat evenly. The Tapered Burner design, is to ensure that the flame is evenly distributed from front to back of the BBQ, stoping the chances of an inconsistent gas pressure that is common in rounded tube burner BBQs.

Directly above the burners, are triangular shaped, Flavorizer Bars. The purpose of these Flavorizer Bars, are to stop fat droppings falling directly on the burners below, which can both block the flame, or cause a fat fire flare up. The Flavorizer bars that are set in-between the burners, are located specifically to distribute heat evenly to the grill above. With this innovated design that weber introduced in 1985, Weber have been able to give a safe and grill friendly option for those who love to cook on the grill bars.

Lid Down Cooking System

The collection of Weber Premium Gas BBQs, are designed to cook much like the iconic Weber Kettle, all with the lid down. By cooking with the lid down, the cooking time is greatly reduced. This is due to the heat under the hood cooking the top of the food while allowing smoke and flavour to circulate around the food. As a result of this, the food only requires to be flipped once, half way through the cooking time.

Grilling Tips

If food is sticking to the grills, it is usually one of two issues. Either the BBQ has not been pre heated for 10 – 15 mins, or food is marinated.

It is recommenced to use the included Genesis II Half Hotplate, or Weber ware Fry Pan Large, for anything that will fall through the grill and any marinated foods.

Roasting & Baking

Roasting Set Up

When Roasting or Baking on any of Weber’s Premium Gas Range, all you need is both Grills. After pre heating the BBQ with the outside burners on high and the centre burner on low for 10 – 15 mins, the BBQ is ready. Before placing the roast on, the burners controls on the outside are adjusted to the medium position and the centre burner is turned off. With the centre burner off, this ensures that there is no direct heat from underneath the food.


The Weber’s premium Gas BBQs are a breeze with the right gadgets. The Grill Brush Small, or Grill Brush Large is perfect for keeping your grills clean for daily use. The Brush is best used before cooking, directly after the 10 – 15 min pre heating time. This ensures that you have a clean cooking surface.

For cleaning underneath the grills, the Cookbox Scrapper is excellent for removing any excess debris down into the drip pan area. Regularly cleaning the cookbox with a scrapper is the best way to reduce excess fat drippings from collecting together and drying out, then becoming stubborn to remove.

Particularly when Roasting meats with high fat contents, like Pork and Lamb, if the fat dripping have become stubborn to remove, the Weber Q cleaner is a great solution for softening solidified fats. For best results, it is recommended to spray the cookbox, when cold, with a heavy coating and left for a few hours. When the fat is softened, using a Cookbox Scraper guide the waste down the centre hole into the drip pan. Any remaining residue can be washed away with a clean cloth and soapy water.

When full, the Weber Drip Pans are easily replaced by sliding the drip pan out from the front of the BBQ.

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